Should we Ban the Box Worldwide

Banning the Box Worldwide

Just recently on Huffington Post’s website, an article was published talking about how Ban the box is a win for women all around the world. This great uproar of Ban the Box all started when people witnessed President Obama signing an order to Ban the Box, which will create a more level playing field for people who have criminal records.


Ban the Box Idea

The Beginning

People who have criminal records have been struggling to get into the work world and find a good job that will support them financially for a stable and long amount of time. However, ever since President Obama signed the executive order to Ban the Box, people with criminal records have been able to open up more and are now being considered by work companies all around the world.

What is Ban the Box?

This box that everyone keeps talking about is known as the box on job applications that people are required to check or mark in if they have a criminal record. This “incarceration” box has completely caused several people to lose any chance they had of gaining a job, which is what brought about the fight and protests for this box to be banned immediately.

The Effect of the Box

As said before, those who checked this box on job applications are constantly shut out by companies once they see that the applicant has a record. However, this causing a negative effect to take place over all people with criminal records. Many people who carry these criminal records have tried several times to get back on their feet and get jobs in order to start their lives and provide for themselves and their family members, like kids, if they have any. Unfortunately, this has not been an easy task for this people, as most companies automatically think negatively of them when they see they have marked the criminal record box on job applications.


Protesting Ban the Box

The Protest Begins

After many years of complaints, the idea of banning this box on job applications finally came into place, causing many organizations, like 9to5, to step up and press on for the box to be banned. The article goes on to state how 9to5 has made a tremendous impact in the Ban the Box movement. The company states that nearly 60-70% of Americans are without jobs because companies do not like the fact that they have criminal records and convictions, even if those convictions were false. 9to5 is highly against discrimination, so they decided to chip in and make sure to spread this Ban the Box campaign all over the world in states like Wisconsin, Colorado, Georgia and more.

Life Stories and Experiences

In one of 9-to-5’s conferences and rallies for Ban the Box, the company leader, Daphine Lay, spoke out to crowds in front of the White House to catch President Obama’s attention, telling her story of how she constantly saw men and women in her neighborhood get rejected from companies because of their old criminal convictions. She also talked about how she made one mistake as an 18-year-old and suddenly, everything changed. She now had a criminal record and couldn’t seem to get a job to start her life over again. She never got call backs, and was constantly looked down on by companies. She also stated how she had three children who needed her providence, but she couldn’t so, so the government had to take care of her family for her.


Surge in Popularity

Sudden Surge of Popularity in Ban the Box

After Daphine’s speech at the White House, thousands of calls and petition signatures to the company came in. Many people had finally seen the importance of Ban the Box. In fact, even some people tried to call and catch Obama’s attention to Ban the Box. Finally, Obama did sign the order to Ban the Box, which left 9to5, Daphine Lay, and many other people with criminal records all around the world extremely ecstatic.

Celebration of Ban the Box

Dalphine Lay stated how she was overjoyed about the President’s decision and she knows this will go down and history and it will pave the way for many people with criminal records who want to create a better life for themselves and for their family members. No longer will those with criminal records be knocked of their feet and their chances of getting a job are much, much higher now.

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More Work is Needed

More Work is Still Near for Ban the Box

Daphine Lay and her team are very happy about the President’s decision, however, his order was not a world-wide one and it is still going to take a little bit of time to have Ban the Box make its way throughout the entire world. Daphine knows that this can be done, but it will just take time, but by hard work, determination, and dedication, Daphine and her team know that Ban the Box will soon be worldwide.



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