Should we Ban the Box Worldwide

Banning the Box Worldwide

Just recently on Huffington Post’s website, an article was published talking about how Ban the box is a win for women all around the world. This great uproar of Ban the Box all started when people witnessed President Obama signing an order to Ban the Box, which will create a more level playing field for people who have criminal records.


Ban the Box Idea

The Beginning

People who have criminal records have been struggling to get into the work world and find a good job that will support them financially for a stable and long amount of time. However, ever since President Obama signed the executive order to Ban the Box, people with criminal records have been able to open up more and are now being considered by work companies all around the world.

What is Ban the Box?

This box that everyone keeps talking about is known as the box on job applications that people are required to check or mark in if they have a criminal record. This “incarceration” box has completely caused several people to lose any chance they had of gaining a job, which is what brought about the fight and protests for this box to be banned immediately.

The Effect of the Box

As said before, those who checked this box on job applications are constantly shut out by companies once they see that the applicant has a record. However, this causing a negative effect to take place over all people with criminal records. Many people who carry these criminal records have tried several times to get back on their feet and get jobs in order to start their lives and provide for themselves and their family members, like kids, if they have any. Unfortunately, this has not been an easy task for this people, as most companies automatically think negatively of them when they see they have marked the criminal record box on job applications.


Protesting Ban the Box

The Protest Begins

After many years of complaints, the idea of banning this box on job applications finally came into place, causing many organizations, like 9to5, to step up and press on for the box to be banned. The article goes on to state how 9to5 has made a tremendous impact in the Ban the Box movement. The company states that nearly 60-70% of Americans are without jobs because companies do not like the fact that they have criminal records and convictions, even if those convictions were false. 9to5 is highly against discrimination, so they decided to chip in and make sure to spread this Ban the Box campaign all over the world in states like Wisconsin, Colorado, Georgia and more.

Life Stories and Experiences

In one of 9-to-5’s conferences and rallies for Ban the Box, the company leader, Daphine Lay, spoke out to crowds in front of the White House to catch President Obama’s attention, telling her story of how she constantly saw men and women in her neighborhood get rejected from companies because of their old criminal convictions. She also talked about how she made one mistake as an 18-year-old and suddenly, everything changed. She now had a criminal record and couldn’t seem to get a job to start her life over again. She never got call backs, and was constantly looked down on by companies. She also stated how she had three children who needed her providence, but she couldn’t so, so the government had to take care of her family for her.


Surge in Popularity

Sudden Surge of Popularity in Ban the Box

After Daphine’s speech at the White House, thousands of calls and petition signatures to the company came in. Many people had finally seen the importance of Ban the Box. In fact, even some people tried to call and catch Obama’s attention to Ban the Box. Finally, Obama did sign the order to Ban the Box, which left 9to5, Daphine Lay, and many other people with criminal records all around the world extremely ecstatic.

Celebration of Ban the Box

Dalphine Lay stated how she was overjoyed about the President’s decision and she knows this will go down and history and it will pave the way for many people with criminal records who want to create a better life for themselves and for their family members. No longer will those with criminal records be knocked of their feet and their chances of getting a job are much, much higher now.

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More Work is Needed

More Work is Still Near for Ban the Box

Daphine Lay and her team are very happy about the President’s decision, however, his order was not a world-wide one and it is still going to take a little bit of time to have Ban the Box make its way throughout the entire world. Daphine knows that this can be done, but it will just take time, but by hard work, determination, and dedication, Daphine and her team know that Ban the Box will soon be worldwide.



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Make Your Brand an Extension of Your Focus in Business

Your Brand Needs to Be an Extension of Yourself


Your brand
Your brand


There is no doubt that branding is an important part of any business. Without branding, all you have a good idea. The brand you choose to represent your idea should reflect you as much as your idea does. After all, the idea came exclusively from your creative mind. Only you know best how to explain your idea, using this knowledge is the best way to create an effective brand.

Certainly, your brand needs to reflect your current idea. There may a lot of ideas floating around in your head, but you have focused on this idea at this time and so should your brand. It takes a lot of time and energy to build a brand, but in the end, if done correctly, the effort will pay off. Brands create loyalty and credibility with your customers, and can lead to future ideas all falling under the same umbrella. When you have successfully created a brand, each new idea will start with a foundation that has been built over time, making it more difficult for your competition to catch up to you.

What is a brand?

What is a brand
What is a brand


A brand is the way you communicate to the world what your idea is about and why others should invest in it. In a culture of information overload, you have seconds to gather the attention of the public. Your brand needs to convey your idea and the problem it solves. Before anyone gets the full explanation of what your idea is about, they need to be interested in finding out more.

Your Brand Reflects Your Idea, and You

You have a great idea, and you want others to share in it. The idea is none other than a reflection of your creative mind. Everything you do to share your idea will start with the simple word or phrase that is your brand. A tagline can explain the mission of your idea further, but first your audience needs to be invested enough to want to find out more. Your brand is you, and you are your brand, make it fit your personality.

Be True to Yourself and Your Brand

Be True to Yourself
Be True to Yourself


“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”
― Mark Twain

Mark Twain’s quote is simple and effective. This statement should be remembered when it comes to representing your Brand. If you need to say the same thing over and over to present your idea, it is much easier when you haven’t used your imagination to stray from the truth. When everything you say is true, and coming from the heart, it reflects in your communication in all situations. It makes prepared or spontaneous conversations much easier.

Be passionate about what you do

Passion for your career
Passion for your career


Chances are that you decided to start your business because you want to be your own boss. You no longer want to be subject to others telling you what to do, without fully standing behind what is it is that you are being asked to do. Creating your own brand takes time and commitment without immediate return. You need to be passionate about your own goals to make the work worthwhile before you ever see a financial gain from your efforts.

Imitation is The Sincerest Form of Flattery



This may be true, but it is not a productive way to start a brand. Just because someone else proved an idea to be successful and financially rewarding, it doesn’t mean that it is time for you to jump on the bandwagon. If this is your intent, it makes more sense to join their team, rather than starting your own. Your idea needs to be original and not previously explored. Having said that, your idea is original, and your brand should reflect that. You, as an individual, are original and your brand should be too.

Brands define ideas, on social media, and in business journals. Public relations opportunities require interviews about your idea and pitching it to your consumer base. You are pitching yourself, your experiences and your personality every time you are asked about your idea. Therefore your brand must closely match your individuality, or the message you are trying to convey will be lost.

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Ophthalmologists can Drive Business Through These Social Media Sites

Ophthalmologists can Generate Strong Business Results from These Social Media Sites

Among today’s youth, digital platforms are simply a way of life. The same is true as these young people progress into adulthood and their chosen professions. Because of this, social media platforms like Facebook are an integral part of their experience. The same is true as ophthalmologists ascend to their professions. For these young ophthalmologists, many learned to navigate Facebook in junior high.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing


In addition, social media outlets like Twitter are places that this generation utilizes to fact check current situations and to get the latest breaking news even before the most advanced news organizations. However, many are not considering the effectiveness of these social media sites along with blogging when applied to building their professional brands. If approached with these platforms in mind, the innate ability to navigate these platforms can cement a lifetime of professional growth and even yield almost instantaneous growth.

In order to better optimize the time of these budding professionals, there are five main digital platforms that will place a beginning career into overdrive.


Facebook advertising
Facebook advertising



Facebook is the largest and most dynamic social media platform available. Approximately half of all American are on Facebook, and the number multiplies to more than billion people worldwide. Since Facebook has become a publicly traded entity, it has focused significant attention and resources toward fostering an environment that is very business friendly. Additionally, personal profiles can be made separate from the business profile that a person will develop later in life. This is important because many of today’s youth ascribed to Facebook before they knew the outsized effect that it would play in their lives.

As the practice thrives, it may become necessary to add someone to the payroll that is exclusively devoted to marketing and advertising the business on this platform. Facebook ads are excellent in targeting specific demographics and people that are genuinely interested in retaining this specific service. It then compiles statistics on these advertising efforts so that advertising strategies can be assessed for effectiveness. The most often used statistic is the number of likes for the service. This allows the ophthalmologist to then target those people, or to seek a different approach.


Twitter advertising
Twitter advertising



Twitter has more than a quarter of a billion users. Twitter is one of the most utilized social media sites and is especially popular for its effectiveness of acquiring and retaining customers. This is especially true for various delineations of emerging physicians. The most popular hashtags for ophthalmologist in particular is #AAO2015. This hashtag is for conferences. The hashtag #aaoyo is the social setting hashtag. These hashtags are appropriate for first year ophthalmologists and those that are in their final years of training. The #YO stands for young ophthalmologists.

It is important to follow the correct connections in order to allow Twitter to alert these young ophthalmologists to upcoming business opportunities, medical journal entries and networking opportunities. These updates keep these up-and-coming physicians current with all the latest information that is relevant to their professions and allows them to network with the appropriate groups prior to spending actual time researching the correct connections.


Blog sites
Blog sites


Blogging is the method by which budding ophthalmologists are able to engage a newly earned audience. This a method by which these professionals can build credibility with potential clients. It is also a reference point in which people that are being engaged can respond and begin a conversation. Additionally, blogging can be used to query an audience and to gain some insight on the needs of customers.

A blog is basically a website that young ophthalmologists can build to post articles and other relevant information that will establish the doctor as an authority. Potential clients will appreciate being able to understand how their potential physician interacts with other customers and also to have a resource in which to refer. This allows people to refer the services of the emerging doctor. Word-of-mouth is the ultimate marketing tool. Like an engine, when this information is positive, it almost always produces a client and consequently, more positive word-of-mouth.


LinkedIn advertising
LinkedIn advertising



LinkedIn has almost as many members as the population of America. Because of this characteristic, it is the most relevant social media platform for business professionals. The site was designed to enhance networking between business professionals, but it has also become a hiring resource for human resource entities. Because it is a business professional social media site, it is a resume based service that organizes and promotes certain business features. It allows users to highlight their relevant achievements, backgrounds and qualifications.

Doximity advertising
Doximity advertising



Although LinkedIn is a site for business professionals, and young ophthalmologists should certainly have profile listed there, but Doximity is the most appropriate social media site because it is the medical equivalent of a LinkedIn social media setting. This narrows the field and consequently, the relevant networking opportunities.

Because young ophthalmologists are already secure in utilizing this technology, manipulating these platforms correctly will provide the basis for many years of successful endeavors.

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